The standard of breed says much to a specialist at cynology, but it is difficult reading for layman. I will try to describe this breed so that everyone could understood. Already first look prompts us many of things. It is a strong, robust dog, especially by its personality. It seems very imposing. It is just „Mr. Somebody”. It is conscious of his strength, but also of its responsibility for property and family of its master. It has also hearty portion of self-confidence, which is combinated with adherence.

 You have to take Caucasian as a partner. Whatever it does for its master is because it loves him, not from  subservience. From this we should start,  when we communicate with it. It is very sensibile to an injustice. If you treat it well, it would die for you. Anyway, upbringing requires a number of patience and love. The Caucasian shepherd is self-willed, it behaves  independently and the same is its action. Who knows it already knows, that change of its eye expression in means the same, like plenty of a deterrent gestures of a different dog. This breed is not very suitable for sport cynology. It is important indeed that the dog is uder control. The sharpness is natural for it. However, it is not sanguinary beast -  even though it can become dangerous by incorrect treatment (like every other snímal). Its  temperament has to be balanced at first.

 This breed should not have everyone who likes it. An interrested person should consider first, whether he has the right breeding conditions. An ideal for every big dog is to have enough of  exercise. The best for Caucasian is to live by family house. It needs work, which is the security guard. This task it follows with zeal. Without a work is it bored and sad. Be sure, that it is the best alarm. I dont know anyone, who would have courage enough, to break into an object, where Caucasian shepherd guards. This dog isn’t suitable for inhouse breeding in any case.

 And what about its name? In 1999 ČMKU aproved the change of this dog name from Caucasian shepherd to Caucasian pasture dog, so we are the only state heaving CPD. I think, that country of origin – Russian should be the Bible for us – dog-Fanciers. That is why the original name “kavkazskaja ovčárka(Caucasian shepherd) should be authoritative.


Dana and Michal Burian