Our philosophy of breeding is based on three fundamental things :

We aim to dogs bred by us get near to required exterior. It is why we always choose suitable partners. The best awards are exhibitions succeeds of our ,,puppies", which they obtain in plenty countries, even in the country of origin - in Russia! We exhibit in plenty countries, also in Russia and so we can take view of mating new-blood dogs . For these reasons we do mating also in the land of origin.

Very important for us is the nature, which is typical for this breed - level-headed, self-confident, without useless aggressiveness, but in case of need penetrative. So is written in standard! Our dogs even our breed are calm and level-headed nature, they love their families and children! In this way we breed puppies and choose suitable keepers, who want to have kind friend but not "brawling beast"!

We lay stress on perfect condition, mobility, healthy joints! It is why we use into breed just healthy individuals with great RTG DKK! Dysplasia of hip joint is mostly hereditary…

The choice of mate dog is very important, so we try to keep quality and the purpose of mating, also health and pedigree of father of further puppies is important. We cooperate successfully with premier breeders of land of origin - there we travel for mating - till this time FIRST in the Czech Republic! We also bring or borrow the individuals of the best quality to our breeding station from them. All dogs in our breeding station, and also their puppies has the pedigree without the registry. We mate only bitches with great RTG DKK, also such dogs we use for the mating too. Bitches are mated after the age of three, first time.

Our dogs live in continual contact with us, beside the family house, where they have enough place for play and work - guarding. However they like to lay about on couch with us time to time. All of our dogs are fed with high premium dog food HAPPY DOG , also meat is on their menu.

All puppies in our breeding station are born in permanent care and strict hygienic conditions. Our bitches are with their born puppies at home in first weeks of their life, in special modified bearing- box, where is absolute quiet and where we can still watch them. There is a special animal care for the puppies and their mother since first weeks of their life. Every day, we take puppies to the hands to let them feel human smell since the beginning of their life and to be completely socialized. We feed them only wit the high premium feed HAPPY DOG. The new owners can see the puppies after the fourth week of their life. Earlier, it is very dangerous for them by the reason of hygiene and we rather don't underrate anything and stress their mother.

We co-operate with the vets who check the right evolvement of the foetus. Before selling the puppy they check its health and condition (and balls in the event of dogs). The puppies leave completely socialized, dehelminthizated (Stronghold spot on), vaccinated and with chip-identity code to their new homes. They get little puppy's outfit and bag of feeding to the beginning. The contract of purchase and a few rows about the feeding and care is self-evident. The term of sell is kind-hearted handling and great conditions. We care for the destiny of our breeding, new owners can look for the help or the advice anytime they need. No-obligation visit our breeding station is welcomed!

At the conclusion some of that we have achieved during years of clean-handed work:

We achieved several primacy in Czech Republic:

-  As first (till this time only one) in CR, we raised individuals with the title INTERCHAMPION .

-  As first in CR, we raised bitch with the title JUNIOR CHAMPION and CHAMPION OF RUSSIA !!!

-  As first in CR, we raised bitch with the title EUROPEAN WINNER VDH and dog with the title JUNIOR EUROPEAN WINNER 07 /Zagreb - Croatia/ !(Junge by Mr.Revaz Khomasuridze - Russia)

-  As first in CR, we raised bitch with the title JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 08/Stockholm / and Vice Junior World Winner 08.

-  As first in CR, we went to mate our bitch to the land of origin - Russia (litter H,M)

-  As first in CR, we have our succesful dogs in the largest number of states - Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Germany,Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania...etc

-  As first in CR, we imported dog with the title CHAMPION OF RUSSIA

-  As first in CR, we started to use microchips to mark our puppies

Our Kennel ERUDIT - multi first place at prestigious dog show - Best Kennel and Best Stud male.

Our breed achieved the champions title in these countries:

Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Luxemburg, Austria, Switzerland, Germany,Poland, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania...etc

A big thank belongs to owners of our breed for its great presentation. Thank you all !

Dana and Michal Burian

Ch.Igruška Erudit - BIS junior
MVP Bratislava

Otvaga Erudit - BIS puppy
MVP Budapešť

Otvaga Erudit - /Our 3 generation from our kennel Erudit/ Junior World Winner 08