Caucasian Shepherd dog - Aboriginal - short-haired legend...

Aborigen - an original representative of caucasian shepherd breed, a dog with a short hair which lived a long time ago. The dog has always been loved by his masters for his traditional look and nature. This dog was not selected for breeding by any club or association, but was fostered by rough nature of Caucasus mountains instead..

The dog was later forgotten, but now has come time to revert back to the original roots of caucasian shepherd breed, to Aborigen.

In Soviet Union, after the second world war, there was a boom of long-haired caucasian shepherd dog. The most preferred were dogs with dark hair, which gave them tough and intimidating look. This was useful for example for prison watch-dogs.
Short-haired caucasians were left at their homeland. They were not cultivated by man, but by the nature of Caucasus mountains. These dogs were used as indispensable companions, protectors of herds and houses of people.
Fashion wave, which has brought long-haired caucasians to the front was rather shortsighted. The constant use of dogs of same "blood" resulted to narrow span of dogs. Exterior was more important than health of the dogs and the breeding came to dead end even in the land of origin. Not only for this reason, the breeding of Aborigens is becoming more and more popular in Russia.

Aborigen is a resilient dog without a health issues or genetic burdens. The dog has nature to bravely defend everything what he loves. The dog has noninterchangeable and natural character. He was never trained to "bite the sleeve" or to become aggresive against everything that moves - as one can see it today in dog breeding....
Breeding these dogs in natural conditions where only the strongest survive results in dogs without health issues, with light movement, wide and deep chest, strong nerves, no aggresivity, high intelligence and ability to survive in nature.

Aborigens has short hair, which is very practical. The hair is not difficult to take care of, suitable to various climatic conditions (even extreme winter). The hair is dense, does not become damp and is not needed to maintain by periodic combing. Such a practical hair does not suffer from dermatological issues.

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